Top Rated Dentistry in
Uptown Charlotte


“The entire visit to this dental office (from reception to the dental chair) is just phenomenal. This is coming from someone who avoid going to the dentist unless its an emergency and usually dont go for annual cleanings due to past bad experiences. I will do u have anyrecommend and continue to recommend this dental office for years to come. By the way, I have not experienced any discomfort of sensitive sensations after the nerve block wears off. Four visits so far and still smiling.”

Curline D.

“New patient accepted! I had a really great experience today with Skyview Dentistry! It was my first time here, the place is clean and everyone is nice! Also it’s easy to get appointment”

Joanna L.

”I am someone how HATES going to the dentist BUT Dr. Byrd and her associates have changed that for me! Everyone who works at Skyview has such positive energy and Dr. Byrd is AMAZING! I had a bridge that was installed in my mouth back in 2002 (18 years ago) while living in California, the bridge was starting to give me issues (the porcelain worn off and the metal part of the bridge was exposed and rubbing against my other teeth). I made the appointment with Dr. Byrd’s office for my initial consultation and to my surprise she was able to remove the old bridge the same day AND install a temporary bridge until my permanent bridge arrives.

While Dr. Byrd was removing the old bridge I was watching Netflix in a massage chair! I was so relaxed at the dentist office of all places!!!! This was the BEST experience I have EVER had while visiting a dentist office! Dr. Byrd and her dental assistant are very knowledgeable and informed me of all of my options for teeth replacement.

I still need to have dental fillings but due to being nervous at previous dental appointments (before my experience with Dr. Byrd) I have been putting the procedure off. Needless to say that once I have my permanent bridge installed, I am going schedule my appointment with Dr. Byrd for my teeth fillings as well.

This is hands down the BEST dentist office EVER!”

Selena H.

“Definitely an awesome experience! Your comfort is their top priority. Very upfront about costs, providing a treatment plan after your exam. The Netflix and message chair were the icing on the cake. They will most certainly be my regular dentist from here on out.”

Nikki R.

“I had the best experience when I went to get my teeth cleaned! From check in to check out, everything went smoothly. The staff was so friendly! They walked me through everything they were going to do while I was there. The facilities were updated and very clean! I would recommend this dentist to anyone!”

Stephanie M.

“I love Skyview! The service is great, they are fast, and always remember you from the last visit. Now that I go to Skyview, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Alissa T.

“Dr. Byrd and her staff are phenomenal! They make going to the dentist a very pleasant experience! Dr. Byrd does great work and makes sure you are comfortable every step of the way! In addition to the extremely friendly staff, you get to wear groovy sunglasses, lay in a massage chair and watch Netflix while getting your dental work done. I highly recommend Skyview Dentistry and Dr. Byrd! Check them out!”

Jennifer A.

“Awesome people at SDC! Awesome service very easy to understand no pressure to do things you don’t need/optional. Also nice that you can watch movies and/or listen to music while they are performing services. The location is pretty much perfect. First time visitors may get a bit confused on where it is and where they parked. After your first visit you will be good to go!”

Edward F.

“This place is awesome. I hadn’t made a dental appointment in Charlotte in a long time because I wasn’t sure where to go. My fiance recommended this place and it did not disappoint. They have massaging chairs, netflix, and an awesome staff. Makes going to the dentist enjoyable and I can’t wait to go back!”

Ryan D.

“After doing extensive research for a new dentist, I chose Skyview Dentistry. Not only is their location in uptown *with validated parking, but their staff and services are amazing. I needed fillings and they offer a modern laser technique so I would not have to deal with injections or needles. I was in the process of doing a whole makeover with other practices regarding oral surgery and orthodontics. The team at Skyview were able to quickly communicate with the other practices and work back to back with my wisdom teeth surgery and orthodontics procedures. Dr.Byrd and her staff are by far one of the most friendly and efficient practices I have come by.”

Hao N.

“Five stars!! I was impressed from the moment I walked in the door, extremely comfortable during my entire exam..the view..the massage!! My exam was VERY thorough and tedious,  as I didn’t realize how bad of shape my  teeth are in  (shame on me). The dentist and assistant assured me it could be fixed and explained every step to me and devised a plan to get my teeth back on a healthy track!! I am soooo glad I chose Skyview and look forward to my return visit!! Thanks SKYVIEW DENTISTRY!”

Lei T.

“Skyview Dentistry is a 5 Star facility with top notch staff! Upon checking in I was greeted with some friendly smiles. This was my first visit and the paperwork was made a breeze with the iPad system they have going on. I wish I knew my hygienists name because I would personally comment her, but she was amazing. Truly the best I have ever worked with. Very personable and friendly. Made the overall visit pleasant. The doctor was nice as well. I will recommend this office to all of my friends in the uptown area! Thanks ladies!”


“This is a wonderful place. Great customer service and I’m so happy that I finally went and saw them. Everyone from the front desk to the dental team was wonderful and I will be going back.”

Rebecca I.

“This is by one of the best dental offices I have been to! They were all so nice and very thorough. I had some bad dental experiences in the past and hated going to the dentist! But now I am very happy. I would recommend everyone to check them out”

Lisa B.

“Awesome dentist! I was able to receive an appointment less than a week after calling from the standby list. Once arriving, I experienced no wait for my appointment. During the cleaning, I was able to watch Netflix while laying in a massage chair. The hygienist and Dr. were very detailed and nice. It was by far the best dentist appointment I have experienced.”

Jessica B.

“Skyview Dentistry is hands down the best dentist office that I’ve ever visited. I’m very particular about my medical professionals, but I felt extremely comfortable to the very first step that I made into the office. I felt very welcomed by the smiling face of the lady with the long brown hair upon my entrance. She made the new patient tasks extremely easy and quick. My assistants and dental hygienist were amazing. They made my visit interesting and enjoyable. Dr. Byrd is amazing! She made me feel at ease with her awesome personality and professional experience. I will never step foot into another dentist office other than Skyview for as long as I live in the CLT area. Oh, and I got a complimentary whitening… how cool! Love all of the ladies at skyview!”

Glenn B.

“Great first time at their office. Exceptional customer service throughout my entire appointment. Relaxing to just sit back, choose what I want to watch on Netflix without having to make small talk with the hygienist with numerous tools in my mouth (which seems to be the standard at a lot of other places). Will definitely recommend to friends and coworkers!”

Katie F.

“This review is long overdue. Dr.Byrd and staff are amazing! They are accommodating, caring and informative. Last year, I was in alot of pain a week before my wedding. My husband was their patient and my previous dentist was out on vacation (as always). Skyview scheduled me immediately and it resulted that I needed a root canal. Dr.Byrd was able to complete it fast with no pain. She has been my dentist since then and I am very grateful to have found skyview dentistry! I am no longer anxious to go to the dentist!”

Katherine R.

“21st century dentistry with Multicultural staff, Netflix, massage chairs, slick reception area, text reminders of appointments, parking validation and efficient service.”

Tae-Sun K.

”I don’t write many reviews and I hate going to the dentist. All that said I enjoyed my experience with Skyview a lot and I had to write a review. I’ve gone there for cleanings and fillings and everyone that has helped me there has been beyond awesome (I have had the pleasure of meeting almost everyone – Dr. Byrd, Michele, Marissa, Kim, Ruby, and Nickie and all of them have been absolutely awesome) . They definitely make you feel comfortable and care about you (especially when you say you’re not comfortable about dentists; this is one of their questions for new patients). This is the most comfortable I’ve ever been at a dentist.

Friendly staff, great location, great views, great service, modern look, noise cancelling headphones, netflix, etc. I highly recommend this dentist to anyone.”

Alek P.

“I’m extremely happy with my new Dentist, Dr Byrd @ Skyview. She is smart, articulate and always makes me feel comfortable and understood. The staff at this location is amazing, supportive and responsive. They follow up when sooner appointments become available and are tech savvy using multiple forms of communication and reminders. I’m always relaxed with a headset and Netflix while they work on anything from cleanings to more involved dental work. I definitely recommend this location/office!”

Nick H.

“I don’t like going to the dentist at all. However, this place is probably one of the best dentistry I’ve ever been in. The staff there makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and the office is 5 star. Now I’m looking forward to my next visit.”

Milla M.

“Skyview is the best! Great staff, great location, and Netflix during  procedures, what more could you ask for?”

Katrina W.

“I can’t say enough positive things about this office or Dr. Byrd! Growing up I hated going to the dentist but now I brag about my experiences. They offer free whitening once a year, and you get not only a massage chair but also free range of Netflix during your appointments!

If you’re unhappy with some aspect of your teeth, whether it be whiteness or staining or something else, talk to Dr. Byrd or her staff about it! She will work with you to make sure your smile is exactly what you want.

Seriously, give SkyView Dentistry a try — you won’t regret it!”

Jess R.

“The best dentist I have ever been to. The Dr. Did not charge me for any x-rays on my first visit. She was very clear on what I needed to get done with my teeth and it was exactly the places that were bothering me. I highly recommend her. She very nice and her staff made my experience visit great. I am changing my dentist now. SHE’S THE BEST!!!”

Ashraf H.

“I love the dentist and all of the Hygenists.  Some of the nicest people in Charlotte!!!  Great dental care!!”

Jenny W.

“Great experience! From scheduling to cleaning to working with the office, they are so easy to work with and very professional. Fantastic job all around!”

Amanda J.

“Skyview failed to verify my insurance, I went for a routine appointment, offered my card to the girl at reception desk, she said she didn’t need it, (she was too busy playing on her phone) then I get a bill of non- payment from my insurance! The phone call from them was unpleasant as well- I will not return there for any future services due to employee negligence..”

Anna S.

“5 star service. Couldn’t have been better. Hygienist was very nice and personable. You get to watch Netflix with Bose headphones while they scrap your teeth. I liked how the doctor didn’t try to sell me anything. The hygienist was a little eager but was nice when doc stepped in and gave the exact logical response I was already thinking in my head. It seems so common today to have dentist’s constantly upselling you on stuff. I hate that. Seemed like they were really interested in quality care and things to be careful about. Hygienist seemed very engaged, empathetic and happy in her job which always makes for a very pleasant experience.”

Johnny B.

“Best dental service I have ever been provided. The staff is super accommodating and friendly. I used to hate going to the dentist, but the staff at Skyview made me feel really comfortable. When I had questions about billing, the staff was very receptive and quick to answer all of my questions. The office is fabulous and makes you feel like you’re in a beautiful boutique during your routine cleanings.”

Sabrina D.

“I highly recommend this uptown dentistry. They have appointments that work with all schedules – including lunch time and weekends. The space is super modern and offers features like Netflix, massage chairs and noise canceling headphones to calm even the most nervous patients. Dr. Byrd and her team are extremely friendly and personable – they always remember me and the conversations we have. If you’re new to the area or are looking for a change, I highly suggest you visit Dr. Byrd and the Skyview team.”

Jessica G.

“Fantastic clinic, staff and location. I travel heavily for work, and plan my dental care while on the road- always making sure to come through Charlotte for cleanings and whitening. Phenomenal dentist, dental assistants and front office staff.”

Kristin F.

“Best. Dentist. EVER.  Dr. Byrd takes amazing care of her patients, the staff is very friendly and welcoming and the amenities (who knew dentists could have amenities) are great!”

Corbin N.

“I’ve been a patient at Skyview Dentistry for almost a year. They always have me in and out quickly,  everyone is so friendly and polite, and it is always a positive experience. I have referred co-workers there too, who also love them.”

Raychelle L.

“As we come to the close of 2016, many of us reflect on the blessings we have received during this year. How grateful I am that I can cite my experience with Dr. Seti Byrd and her staff at Skyview Dentistry as among my blessings! From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the offiice itself. Dr. Byrd inspires the utmost confidence by her smile which is so wide that it seems only appropriate to describe it as extending “from sea to shining sea” and by her wealth of knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Byrd and everyone at Skyview Dentistry. Keep Smiling Charlotte !!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Senyo P.

“This place is awesome. I hadn’t made a dental appointment in Charlotte in a long time because I wasn’t sure where to go. My fiance recommended this place and it did not disappoint. They have massaging chairs, netflix, and an incredible staff. Makes going to the dentist enjoyable and I can’t wait to go back!”

Ryan D.